About Us

Youth Commission

The purpose of the Youth Commission is to allow youth the opportunity to provide advice, recommendations, and information for the Mayor, the City Council, and municipal agencies on the development of community and government policies, programs, and services that support children, youth, and their families.

The Youth Commission is comprised of 17 voting members and 14 non-voting members. The 17 voting members include one young person from each of the 14 Council districts and 3 at-large seats. The young people representing the 14 Council districts will be appointed by the Mayor. The young people in the 3 at-large positions will be recommended by the City Council President. Each voting member MUST be a resident of Baltimore City.

The Youth Commission will also be comprised of 14 non-voting members. These non-voting members will represent various community and city agencies including the Baltimore City School System, the Department of Recreation and Parks, the Health Department, Police Department, Department of Social Services, State’s Attorney’s Office, Enoch Pratt Free Library, Mayor’s Office of Employment Development, the Housing Authority of Baltimore City, the State Department of Juvenile Services, the Family League of Baltimore City, and Baltimore City Community College.

Youth Commission Duties

The Youth Commissioners will work together to accomplish these tasks:

  • Developing and maintaining a 3 year action plan outlining areas for study by the commission;
  • Reviewing issues relating to programs and services for children and youth;
  • Identifying and recommending priorities among programs and services for children and youth;
  • Creating a forum for discussions with children, youth, and their families;
  • Advocating for services and programs for children and youth;
  • Making recommendations for programs, policies, and any necessary legislation to promote the health and well-being of children, youth, and their families;
  • Work with both the public and private sector to bring forth the concerns of children and youth, as well as, evaluate programming that will enhance the development of children and youth;
  • Develop a communication network to disseminate information about services to children and youth;
  • Submit an annual report to the Mayor and the City Council.

Youth Commission Time Committment/Schedule

All voting members of the Youth Commission will serve for a term which expires at the end of the Mayor’s term. At the completion of the term the voting member will continue to serve until a successor is appointed.

Members of the commission will be compensated for their time. All Youth Commissioners MUST be residents of Baltimore City.

The Commission will meet as frequently as required to perform its duties but not less than 6 times or more than 10 times each year.